Gumrah (1979)

Starring: Reena Roy, Subhash Ghai, Danny Denzogppa, Kesto Mukherji, Sheetal, Ranjeet & Iftekhar

Producers: K. P. Sethi
Written & Directed by: Prem Manik
Music: Usha Khanna
Lyrics: Asad Bhopali

The story of young world, of youthful Reenas and Shyams, Shashis and Rameshes, Rupalis and Rajeshes, Neelus and Ashokas and Malas and Mahendras of a whole restless generation that is not irretrievably lost. It can quite easily be guided with love to the right path of discipline and duty from which it seems to have strayed.
Principal Guptaji and Professor Vaidya show the way with love and affection whom their “LOST” students overwhelm with loving respect and affectionate regards in return.