Gunda (1969)

Starring: Sheikh Mukhtar, N A Ansari, Sujit Kumar, Jayanthi, Bela Bose, Shakila Bano Bhopali, Sham Kumar with Bhagwan & Helen

Producers: Sushil Malik
Directed by: Mohd. Husain
Music: G. S. Kohli
Lyrics: Anjaan, Shadaab, Dev Kohli

Madanlal is a business magnate and is supposed to be in the elite of the city. Honesty and large-heartedness are the qualities attributed to him. The truth was to the contrary. He was a gangster. Vijay, his younger brother, hardly knew of his elder brother’s clandestine activities. Madanlal’s troubleshooter was Shankar who was also a gangster but a small fry as compared to his boss.

A poor runaway girl Rekha, came to into the life of Shankar and she called him a brother. She completely changed the course of his life. Evil turned into good. She fell in love with Vijay, Madanlal’s younger brother. Shankar approved of their love on condition that Vijay and Rekha would be married. Vijay knew the difficulties of the union. Madanlal would never allow him to marry a poor runaway girl. Shankar’s friend Madho invented a scheme and he declared that Rekha was a princess. Madanlal taking her to be real princess allowed his brother’s marriage with her Shankar’s uncle accidentally came to participate in the wedding and the truth downs on Shankar that Rekha, whom he treats as his sister, was in fact his real sister.

Shankar told the true story to Madanlal but he turned a deaf ear to all his loyalty and refused to let this marriage take place. Shankar now realized the difference between a big and small gangster. Madanlal never rated himself to be a gangster but a respectable citizen.