Mastana (1954)

Starring: Motilal, Nigar Sultana, Kuldeep Kaur, Sunder, Chandra Shekhar, Tiwari, Master Roni, & Gope

Producers Khushi & Prem Sethi
Directed by H.S. Rawail
Music : Rajinder Krishnan
Story Screenplay : H.S. Rawail

Mastana (Motilal) is a lovable vagabond who comes across a child left on the steps of a temple by his mother who wanted to commit suicide because she has been deserted by her husband. He is forced by the temple “pujari” to take the child.

He brings up the child and in process he begings to love the child more than his own life. In the meanwhile the child’s parents get united and learning that their child is with Mastana they ask him to return the child to them. Mastana refuses to do so. On the child’s parents lodging a complaint with the police, Mastana is arrested. During the trial, he pleads for the retention of the child because the child was his very life. But the court decides otherwise.

The child is given into the custody of the parents but he escapes and comes back to Mastana. Mastana pleads with the child to go back to his parents but when the child refuses to listen to his pleadings, the parents hearts are touched and they tell the child belongs to them all – to the parents as well as Mastana.